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This 30-Day Course is Worth Over $260.

Get it Now For Just $30!

Why do you need the audio course?

Many studies have proven that people experiencing generalized anxiety find it difficult to concentrate for long periods. Reading is one such task that requires a significant amount of mental energy and may leave you feeling drained, distracted and uncomfortable. That is why we've given you our relaxation music as an added bonus. Music can help you stay focused whether you're reading our ebooks, working or studying for a test.

Today we want to help you even more. We've been working hard to adapt our products to give our customers the best possible experience. We've already recruited some of the best psychotherapists, psychiatrist, psychologists and meditation experts to help us make the best audio course possible for you. This course will help you learn in a much more productive and engaging way. 

It contains additional perks such as a mindfulness coloring book for kids, guided meditation performed by experts, stress relief exercises such as progressive muscle relaxation, a full CBT walk through with role play sessions to help you understand how the therapy works and much more!

For example, we also have audio lessons on coping with low self-esteem and shyness. An additional ebook on dealing with another common trigger for panic and social anxiety at work (Criticism).

The total value of this course is $260! That's how much we've spent crafting the perfect audio course that not only you can take but also your kids, friends, spouse, anyone really. It's adapted to fit everyone's needs.

Most of all, what will truly impact your transformation is simply a calming voice ready to walk you through your problems.

If you want the full version with higher quality all you have to do is enroll in the course now! It's a one time $30 fee. No subscriptions!

Why Should You Take The Course?

Short answer: It's curated to give you results quickly.

Long answer: This course is made up of 14 sections with each section teaching you a different treatment for a different anxiety disorder or co-occurring disorder (like OCD and ADHD). Being able to hear the voice of a caring human being on the other side of your screen as we explain each topic will speed up the learning process.

We've included exclusive articles on mental health that will help you cope with kids having ADHD, Autism, seizures and other stressful mental health problems.

Trust me you'll never feel alone or afraid when completing journals, meditating, CBT, etc. This course will provide you with everything you need to make a full recovery.

Here's what the course looks like (there are 9 other sections which could not fit into the picture below):

You will have a complete overview of everything narrowed down into easy-to-understand steps and advice. Video and audio lessons are also very short (around 7 minutes) and only contain the necessary information you will need for the most powerful outcome.

Will I Still Need to Read Your Ebooks After I Enroll in this Course?

Yes and no. Our books offer a ton of useful content, from research and statistics to case studies and all the different types of treatments. We've even included medications that will help you get faster results. Finding out what's best for you is exactly what the ebooks are here to do.

The course is meant to make learning the practical steps much easier to do and learn. It truly depends on what you want. We're here to help you in the best possible way we can.

Of course our course does offer additional benefits. 

Both our books and our course will be important if you want to feel better.

Why is this Course So Cheap?

This course is only offered to those who have decided to purchase our ebook course and is sold at a special discounted price of $30 (Saving you $230!). After receiving positive feedback from over 600 happy customers every day, we have decided to celebrate by keeping that insane price tag.

We are one of the very few organizations that care more about the satisfaction of our customers than the amount of profit we make at the end of the day.

We don't want to charge anything at all.

But because of the tremendous amount of effort put in by a team of caring individuals who want to improve your life. We have to charge something because they deserve to be rewarded too.

Do You Want to Enroll Now For Just $30?

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